Color Predictions 2013 – All 9 Pantone Palettes!

Pantone Home + Interiors 2013 - image from Pantone

Sick, obsessive persistence has prevailed yet again – I found this image from, and all that is left is to color sample all the palettes…

The Home and Interiors Set - Pantone Palettes 2013

How fitting – this is my 200th Post! Without further adieu; drum roll…..

The first palette in Pantone‘s 2013 lineup, Connoisseur, draws on cool neutrals like alyssum white and beechnut green, contrasted with warmer tones of violets, orchids, liquid pink, and deep mahogany set against neutral accents of champagne beige and silver. The palette puts a fresh spin on old-world elegance, with decorative pieces that layer texture. It’s refined and sophisticated with just the right amount of understated drama – the neutrals and chocolate tones wave away the adolescence broadly associated with purples and pinks.

The Glamor palette evokes the polished sexiness of the art deco era. Rio red, Monaco Blue, Tap Shoe Black, Chinchilla, Ethereal Gray, Moonmist, and Jasper Teal comprise this glamorous color board. Deeper more somber tones give pause to reflect – a bit sullen for my taste…

Pantone's 2013 Glamor Palette

New Old School is similar to Glamor, swapping out softer neutrals of Glamor with more saturated hues. Ribbon Red, Bright White, Sodalite Blue, Nautical Blue, Green, and Ultramarine Green combine in an effect that is nearly overtly military; reminiscent of uniform bars.

Colors pulling from a sunset at sea dominate the Rugged Individuals palette. These shades beg for accents such as worn leather and weathered wood – favorites in the recent organically un-decorate movement. Baked Apple, Goat, Prairie Sand, and Chipmunk are names nearly at odds with the seascape image they invoke!

Pantone's Home + Interiors Rugged Individuals Palette

Extracts takes its cue from culinary inspirations – the combination of spicy colors and fresher shades. The effect is comforting yet disarming, inclusive of pops of unexpected color. Spiced Coral, Brandied Melon, Apple Cinnamon, Dusty Pink, and Baked Clay stand in earthen contrast to Tart and Green Banana. This is a subdued and wizened version of the 2o12 Comics palette…

Pantone's 2013 Home + Interiors Extract Palette

Conversely, Footprints celebrates the vibrancy of tribal hues. Color of the year Tangerine Tango leads the dance followed energetically by Peacock Blue, Fiery Pink Flambé, Solar-Powered Yellow, and Oasis are amongst the colors of this apologetically vivid palette.

Pantone Home + Interior's 2013 Footprints Palette

The Sojourn palette finds its potential in the powerful combination of fuchsia and olive, albeit softened by rosy shades like Foxglove and mysterious undertones of plum.

Pantone 2013 Home + Interiors Sojourn Color Palette

Surface Treatments transforms brilliant ocean shades by tempering them with stormy tones like Tornado Gray. Like Benjamin Moore’s 2013 Color Pulse Palette (or v.v.; this is always a chicken or egg discussion) metallic shades like Medal Bronze offer depth and complexity to this color group.

Pantone 2013 Interior Trends Surface Treatments Palette

Out of the Ordinary says it all, not shying away from eye candy hues whose quirky whimsy fly in the face of conventional design. Bonnie Blue, Pureed Pumpkin, and Chocolate Truffle ground confectionery shades shades, such as Bright Violet and Rosebud.

Pantone's 2013 Out of the Ordinary Home + Interiors Palette

I know what we’ll be doing for the next week or so!!

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My background is in fine arts. In addition to residential work in interior design, I have designed both product and packaging for childrens' retail products at Disney's Animal Kingdom and Natural History Museums in the US and Canada. I am an expert in color and my style embraces color, art and up-cycling for a green edge to design.
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4 Responses to Color Predictions 2013 – All 9 Pantone Palettes!

  1. jessica says:

    Great! Thanks! Which one is the color right after white alyssum in the line up? It’s sort of a perfect taupe-grey….

    • That one is Champagne Beige – but when you go in to the paint dealer, tell them Pantone 14-1012. You get a higher level of service as a consumer when you can speak their language – the names are silly lipstick names, not used by the trade. If they think you know what you’re ding, you get it done right :-) Good luck!

  2. jessica says:

    What are the colors that make up the connoisseur pallet? I love that combination and want to use the colors to paint some rooms in the house, but there are a billion paints! I can’t seem to find the right beige, grey, and green.

    • They are: iquid Pink Nectar 14-2305, Deep Mahogany 19-1420, White Alyssum 11-1001, Beechnut 14-0425, Champagne Beige 141012, and Silver 14-5002. Take these numbers to a Benjamin Moore dealer and ask for them to mix the Pantone standard – they should be able to help. What a lovely house palette – Good Luck!

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