2012 Color Trends Twists, Turns and Trends – Hmmm…


Since sharing Pantone‘s Color Trends Twists, Turns and Trends 2012 report, I have had occasion to way second-guess using the space pitured above to describe a trend away fron urban or quite frankly and other style. I believe my precise report was: “the prevailing interior theme is less urban, perhaps in reaction to that fast-moving constant urgency of urban life style. Wood, clay, glass and “soul” are at the core of materials conveying this stepped-down pace and lifestyle, Organic elegance combined with the unexpected – a winner!”

The idea may be a winner,  but not that room….where’s the glass? What soul?   I am inexplicably reminded of Green Acres….

Eddy Albert’s plays the stalwart ’60’s husband, asserting his role by forcing his Manhattanite wife (played by Eva Gabor) to abandon urban lifestyle and move to Hooterville to become farmers – sort of the caveman scenario traded in for a pitch fork – like the image above, not an improvement.

Let’s break down this glass, soul, ceramic simplicity trend – the picture infers a painfully neutral color-scheme accentsed Sleepy Holoow sisal, wood and textured surfaces – but did they really didn’t SAY anything about neutral? Not that I recall…let us not judge the concept on the example and start fresh:

  • Casual style
  • Finding elegance in natural woods textures, and ceramics
  • Glass accents
  • Scaling back excess clutter to focus on streamlining function – nothing too modern.

Wow – if you take out the neutral piece, you are left with quite a few options! Let’s make this work….

A Neutral Space with focus on style! image from Apartment Therapy

Ok, almost – so this is an city dwelling, yes?  A “trend” infers an overall application of a style choice, so it needs to work anywhere. Still too contemporary you say? This is the trouble with stereotypes – look a bit closer…

I see aged pecan hardwoods, a sleigh bed, wood and woven accents prominent in cottage style and that fabulous light fixture is made of wine glasses – it only seems modern with its round shape in context to the modern windows. Trends don’t need to be so literal! Still too neutral? Maybe your comfort zone, like this trend is a bit more traditional.

To get the look we're after, remove the table-cloth, and voila! Traditional meets clay, glass and soul - image from that's so Michelle blog

The space above needs only a nip and tuck to transform to our trend’s canon of style  – take out the accent chair (which is not doing anything anyhow), pull off the table-cloth, undress some of the staging (stacked books, etc) and change out those pillows for 1 long extra long patterned pillow per sofa that picks up that mossy green and fog blue in the window panels and there you have it – non-urban, sisal textured rug, great lines, glass accents – no fuss organic living.

Here's the more cottage - arts and crafts version of our non-urban simplified trend. Photographer Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

If you are thinking of going a bit lighter / brighter try a cottage meets arts and crafts look – the ceramics displayed in the cabinets add interest, and the painting of the pooch adds a bit soul.

If you are in the market for simplified organic honesty, here are some accents to steer that trend away from urban to home and hearth:

Here are some lighting selections that are arriving at MyHomeFaceLift.com within the next couple of weeks

Here are some more lighting sections available today:


Organic feel shapes and materials combined, in selections from Bethel, Design Your Own Lighting and Cherry Tree Lighting at MyHomeFaceLift

Area rugs, and unapologetically comfortable accents characterize a more home and hearth friendly lifestyle choice:

Design Legacy, Currey Lighting, and Design Legacy Pillows create stylish alternatives to modern design; you'll never look back!


About Kimberly Latimer

My background is in fine arts. In addition to residential work in interior design, I have designed both product and packaging for childrens' retail products at Disney's Animal Kingdom and Natural History Museums in the US and Canada. I am an expert in color and my style embraces color, art and up-cycling for a green edge to design.
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  1. deb says:

    Anyway you could share the paint colors used in the living room?

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