Announcment: Amy Butler Area Rugs Are Up!

Amy Butler Designs Have Arrived!

Amy Butler is finally on board, and very competitively priced. Happily, this is not my cat doing the happy dance on my new Amy Butler Area Rug – my cat is per usual, taking up the majority of alloted space in my nice Mai Chiang Dragon upholstered office chair – at 18 pounds of cocker spaniel sized Siamese, he gets the lion’s chair of my our seat. Go figure….

Amy Butler is a Home Decor designer extraordinaire known for her modern approach to botanical, geometric and romantic inspirations. Energetic color and graphic combinations of print are the signature of Amy’s refreshing concept of home – from the floor up. Amy’s brand is synonymous with creativity, sustainability, quality, and a unique style that defines your home! This rug is made from hand tufted from 100% New Zealand wool and considered to be the premium standard for wool combining the natural sheen and enduring longevity of this natural textile. Soft, thick premium wool is the luxury and durability choice for high-traffic areas. Tufted wool is created by pushing wool or acrylic yarn through a primary backing, creating ‘tufts’ rather than tying knots into the foundation. Latex glue is then applied to reinforce to the ‘tufts’ in place, and a rug maker applies a secondary foundation, which is then covered by a third and final cloth backing to protect your floor. Finally the loop tops are sheared to create the soft and luxurious pile. Durability meets style – a thing of beauty!

See Amy Butler’s Area Rugs at:

About Kimberly Latimer

My background is in fine arts. In addition to residential work in interior design, I have designed both product and packaging for childrens' retail products at Disney's Animal Kingdom and Natural History Museums in the US and Canada. I am an expert in color and my style embraces color, art and up-cycling for a green edge to design.
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